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About Winston-Salem, NC

Winston-Salem, NC is a fantastic community to visit or reside in. Commonly referred to as the "Twin City," Winston-Salem came into existence through the merging of the two towns that comprise the community's name. And while the towns were only officially incorporated as recently as 1913, they have separately witnessed a history dating back as far as the mid-18th century.

Those residing in, or visiting Winston-Salem are sure to enjoy the variety of museums such as the New Winston Museum. And the enormous selection of shops, restaurants, and theaters in the area is sure to leave you and your family with memories for years to come.

We’re the Area’s Trusted Roofing Company

Winston-Salem experiences delightful summers and mild winters which makes it a wonderful place to call home. And for those who are mindful of future career opportunities, a large fraction of Winston-Salem's economy is focused on manufacturing, healthcare, and trade. As you settle into your dream home in Winston-Salem, it is extremely important to have a construction company in mind who can help you with whatever obstacles life has in store. Jacob’s Ladder Construction & Roofing LLC proudly offers roof replacement and more to this community and the surrounding area.

If you're seeking a quality roofing company in Winston-Salem, give Jacob’s Ladder a call today!